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Welcome to our News and Articles page.

Here we will provide important medical updates for the whole family with up-to-date research articles, important news, and some information on our practice.

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Who we are

Picton Family Medical Centre is a fully accredited practice. We offer a wide of range of services for our patients. We have a large and loyal patient base and we are always happy to see new patients. Our practice is modern, full appreciated, family orientated, well respected for teaching of the next generation of general practitioners. Picton Family Medical Centre is a fully accredited practice with 6 permanent Doctors, 3 GP Registrars, 3 Registered Nurses, 1 Paediatrician, 1 Registered Midwife and 4 administration staff.

Mission Statement

We strive to be part of the community. We are our community’s ‘medical home’. We provide outstanding care at all stages of life in a friendly and welcoming environment, with an emphasis on quality and education.